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Expanding our services to include more non-profit roles

by | June 11, 2024

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Katie German

Hi, I’m Katie German! In my new role, I’m looking forward to expanding Balanced Good’s Parental Leave coverage to programs based-roles.

Here at Balanced Good we have been supporting fundraising teams at non-profits and charities through parental leave coverage over the past few years. This is work that we are really good at and love doing.

We often have clients ask about other roles at their organization that may need coverage – a parental leave for a programs manager, or a project coordinator, or support with covering a staffing gap for an Executive Director or operations role. As our team has been focused on fundraising, we haven’t been able to say yes to these roles, even when we really wanted to support our clients.

We are excited to share that we have expanded our team and are now offering parental leave coverage for non-profit jobs in the programs space. We are thrilled that Katie German has joined our Balanced Good roster in a new role – she will be supporting our own internal operations as we grow and she will support the growth of Balanced Good into covering a wider breadth of non-profit jobs.

Roles we are ready to fill:

  • Program Manager: leading program teams, managing program budgets, securing program funds, reaching program goals.
  • Program Director: shaping program vision and goals, negotiating program partnerships, advancing strategic direction through program design, building program evaluation strategies.
  • Project Coordinator: scheduling programs, designing program materials, implementing program evaluations tools, project implementation and tracking.
  • Operations Lead: analyzing current org processes, recommending and implementing system improvements, building operating plans.
  • Executive Director: inspiring teams, navigating through change, working with boards, stewarding donors, managing risk, leading org policy development, strategic planning.

If you have a parental leave coming up on your team, we’d love to connect! You can contact Katie at [email protected] and check out her LinkedIn profile for more on her background and expertise.

We also have a Parental Leave in a Day option! Work together with our team of experts to map out a full scope plan to cover the parental leave in your team.

Lacey Kempinski

Lacey Kempinski

Lacey Kempinski is the Founder of Balanced Good. Driven by her desire to help other working parents and women find balance while finding her own balance, she gets that the struggle is real. As a mom of three young children, a seasoned fundraising professional, and a newly self-described feminist leader, she know the social profit sector can do better.

Learn more about Lacey Kempinski

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