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Bring Balance, Build Good

3 months to know, build and do

Balanced Good wants to create a fundraising program that works specifically for your organization – no more cookie-cutter solutions! We want you to take control of your time and reach your fundraising goals for years to come. We also want you to see a clear path forward for fundraising success that doesn’t involve employee burnout.

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Here’s how:


For the first four weeks, we work with you to assess your programs and pipeline. We will engage with your stakeholder, understand your programs, and complete a full audit of your fundraising programs.


In the next two weeks, we create a customizable and realistic development plan to achieve your fundraising goals.


For six weeks, we embark on a do-it-with-you fundraising journey. We coach you and your team to ensure everyone knows how to create and use the tools to execute your fundraising plan.

The quality of Balanced Good’s work, and their obvious commitment to the success of the organizations they are working with, has overcome much unease that our Board has suffered when it comes to fundraising and investing in fundraising resources.

Mike Peasgood, Board Director & Fundraising Committee Chair, Supportive Housing of Waterloo