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Balanced Good is focused on creating positive and impactful change for the social profit sector one parental leave at a time.

At Balanced Good we walk the talk, and encourage flexible, supportive, inclusive work environments and we work with clients who want to do the same. We have a big vision – we want parental leave to be a celebrated life milestone, not a feared employment gap. We work with employers and expectant parents to create a plan for parental leave and then we execute the plan, providing hands-on fundraising support and integrating ourselves within the team.  

Thanks for your interest in working with Balanced Good, it warms our heart. Currently, we are not actively recruiting. Please keep an eye on our socials and webpage for opportunities in the future.

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Balanced Good’s Values 

  • To help women and leaders find balance in their work; recognizing that work in the social-profit sector can often lead to compassion fatigue and burnout, Balanced Good is determined to help with this.  
  • To help charities do good; through quality work, sustainable fundraising, and supporting the professionals who build and strengthen the sector.  
  • To celebrate and recognize that our work in this incredible sector is one part of a bigger life picture, and to ensure worklife balance is encouraged, promoted, and supported in all avenues of work.  
  • To treat clients, employees, and all stakeholders with the upmost respect and expect the same from our counterparts.  

Ethical Fundraising 

Balanced Good adheres to the guides and standards outlined by the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Code of Ethics and Donor Bill of Rights.

Our Promise to You

As your employer, and partner in your professional goals, Balanced Good promises to:  

  • Prioritize your work-life balance, mental, emotional, and physical health, and ensure our clients do the same.  
  • Provide you with the tools and resources required to meet your professional goals.  
  • Invest in your professional growth through training, mentorship, and supporting your active participation and volunteerism in the social profit sector.   
  • Cheer you on when you do great work, meet your goals, and shine in our sector.  
  • Support you and problem solve when you face challenges in meeting goals.